Current Parish News

Parish Council Meeting
The next Parish Council meeting will be held at the Village Institute at 7.30pm on Monday 18th March 2024. This will be preceded by the Annual Residents’ Meeting (see below). Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

December Newsletter – An Apology
Many apologies for the non-appearance of the December Newsletter. A combination of illness and postponement of the November meeting of the Parish Council meant that there was not enough time to compile, print and distribute before Christmas events took place. Normal service is now resumed.

 Annual Residents’ Meeting  For All Carperby Residents


Come and give your views on village issues.

The meeting will include the letting of the Parish Lands. Please check Parish Council Noticeboard and website for the agenda. (NB: Successful bidders for land lets - 50% payment required on the night and the remaining 50% to be paid on the 1st October 2024.)

Parish Precept
At the January meeting of the Parish Council a budget of £7500 and a precept of £6500 was set for the forthcoming financial year. The budget is in line with Parish Council spending over the last two years, but there has had to be a significant increase in the precept, due to rising costs that the council has previously absorbed from its reserves. The increase represents an average of 27p per week for each residence in the parish.

Freeholders’ Wood
At the meeting of Registered Freeholders with the Parks’ Authority on Monday 15th January the main focus was the future management of Freeholders’ Wood and allowing the protected dormice & wood to flourish. Parks have admitted their interaction with the Freeholders has been lacking and they are keen to improve communication. The interests of other village freeholders were represented by the Chairman of the Parish Council, John Amsden. Minutes of this meeting  were  taken  and, when published, will  be  made available to all residents.
The meeting of village residents that directly preceded the official meeting was addressed by Alistair Dinsdale, who gave a brief, historical perspective of the village’s relationship with Freeholders’ Wood and the Parks’ authority. A number of questions were asked and points raised, many of which it is hoped will be addressed at future meetings.
Subsequent to these meetings, a walk through the wood for the registered freeholders was organised by the team from
Parks, who explained their plans for coppicing this year. It would seem that there is a more positive attitude towards engagement with the village community and further exploration of which properties are on the Parks’ Freeholders list is under way. It is hoped to present these to the residents in the Village Institute in the not too distant future. In the meantime, the interests of non-Registered Freeholders will be represented by the Registered Freeholders.

Revised Rubbish Collection Dates

    Normal Date       Easter 2024         Revised Date
Tuesday 2nd April     Recycling      Wednesday 3rd April
    Normal Day        May Day 2024      Revised Date   
Tuesday 6th May    Household Waste     No Change

   Normal Day     May Bank Hol. 2024      Revised Date
Tuesday 28th May      Recycling         Wednesday 29th May    

Check information at

Bonus Ball
The village bonus ball competition raises around £1000 a year which is split between the Village Hall, Playing Fields and Football Club.  Numbers costs £1 per week and the person with the bonus ball number in the Saturday lotto draw wins £35. This year, since 1st May, 9 numbers have won twice and 21 numbers have had a single win. 
We currently have 4 numbers spare. Please contact Tracey Lambert if you would like a number. Email:  or text 07770 630010.

Parish Council Meetings 2023/24
Parish Council meetings will take place at the Village Institute on the second Monday of every second month, starting on May 13th 2024. Any changes to the venue or dates will be notified via the Parish Council website and Facebook page.

Village Institute
A grant application has been made for the installation of solar panels at the Institute. The process is on-going and further information has been requested with regard to the structure of the building. However, it is hoped that a positive outcome will be achieved by the end of February. Work on the new storage unit is expected to commence in the forthcoming weeks.

Anne Moore has now officially stepped down as Booking Secretary and her place has been taken by Davinia Woodhouse. If you wish to book the Institute for any activity please contact Davinia on  07976047279.

Thank You
The Carperby Concert team would like to thank all those who contributed to the Track Dogs concert in November. A total of £560 was sent to the Herriot Hospice Homecare organisation.

Bank Accounts
The Parish Council has made a decision to move its bank accounts to the Unity Trust Bank, an online operation that offers a multi-layer payment approval system.

Speed Enforcement – a Reminder

Residents can report speeding concerns on the link below: 

You must report your concerns via the link, but if you would also like the police to appear at random times in a particular location of concern, feel free to let them know the details.

Village Institute Coffee Mornings
Coffee Mornings at the Village Institute will run on alternate Saturdays throughout the winter. They are open between 10.30am and 12.30pm. Suggested donations of £1 gratefully received. Next meeting is on 24th February.

North Yorkshire Council
To contact the new council by ‘phone please call
0300 131 2 131 or visit to apply for, book and/or pay for services online. You can also report problems relating to the council. More information at:

Lower Dales Area Partnerships
Please contact Councillor Amsden if you want an item brought up at these meetings.  
A reminder that our new representative on the council is Karen Sedgwick. ( or 01969 622038)

Parish Communications - A Reminder
Half of the households in the parish council area
receive the newsletter by e-mail and about a third access information via the Facebook page. The Parish Council would like to increase this number and thus save some money on parish communications. If you would like to help, please send an e-mail to, giving your e-mail address or make a friend request for the Facebook page.

Parish Salt Bins
A reminder that the two Parish Council salt bins for the village are situated on Hargill and on the north side of the main village green. There is an additional RDC bin in Needham Garth. The salt is to be used on the untreated roads in bad weather conditions. Please do not use the salt for private drives.

Carperby WhatsApp Group
Carperby village now has an active WhatsApp group. Should anyone wish to join the village group, please message Tina Richard on 0771 5045600. In order to join you will need to have a smart phone and download the app. Tina can help if you have any doubts or queries. WhatsApp is a free messaging application that lets users text, chat, and share media, including voice messages and video, with individuals or groups. It relies on data (broadband/4G) to send messages, so it doesn't cut into your monthly text allotment. Every message and call is end-to-end encrypted by default, so WhatsApp is quite secure for virtually all users. This level of encryption means not even WhatsApp can see the content of your messages, despite what you might hear online.

Parish Forums
The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
hopes to continue to hold a series of parish forum meetings, as a way to engage more closely with parish councils within the YDNPA. Please contact Councillor Amsden for details of the meeting and let the Parish Council know if there is anything you would like to be added to the future agendas. Details here:

A quick reminder that appointments are available at Aysgarth Surgery on Tuesday evenings for those needing to see a doctor after work.

Community First Responders - REMINDER
The First Responders are still looking to recruit additional volunteers to the team. This does not require a great deal of time and can easily be arranged around your work/family/social commitments. A short training programme and a qualification test are all that is needed. Even a small commitment would be helpful to them and the local Ambulance Service. If you are interested in joining or simply wish to know more about the service they provide, please contact David Brampton on 663561.


One of the issues to emerge from the recent Parish Plan Event in January was the continuing problem of dog waste in the village. The main problem seems to stem from visitors and it was felt that the location of the dog waste bins could be better advertised. IF YOU OWN A HOLIDAY LET IN THE VILLAGE OR USE YOUR SECOND HOME FOR FRIENDS AND VISITORS, PLEASE PRINT & DISPLAY THE ATTACHED MAP. More copies of the map are available from Councillor Sheldon at The Quarter House.

Upper Dales Health Watch

Follow this link for news.

Freeholders Wood -  YDNPA coppicing plan can be viewed by clicking here. If you wish to speak to Geoff Garrett on matters relating to Freeholders Wood please contact him on 01756 751648    

A reminder that NHS dental provision in the area has been awarded to ADB (Alpha). They have bases in Hawes, Leyburn and Bedale. Residents can register with them by calling 01969 623999.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the local branch of Daleswatch should contact Councillor Brampton via the Parish Council e-mail address at