Penhill Ladies

Penhill Ladies is an independent ladies’ social group. We meet on the third Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm in the Village Institute, Carperby. We have a programme of speakers, craft days, other events and trips.

New members are very welcome. If you would like to “try us out”, your first visit is free, with a fee of £5 for your second visit. Our membership fee this year is £25 (£20 if you have already paid £5 as a visitor). Subscriptions are due in January and are set by our members at the AGM.

If you would like further information, please feel free to contact either our Chair or Treasurer (details below).






16 January
AGM Bring & Share Supper
Tea Hostesses: Lorna Withers & Rosie Peacock

20 February
Veterans Woodworking Workshop (Catterick)
Tea Hostesses:Tricia Lodge & Jill Adamson

20 March
Chris Bibby - Humorous Tall Tales
Tea Hostesses: Shealagh McGrath & Mary Ross

17 April
Tony Keates — Aspects of Water Mills
Tea Hostesses: Jan Howard & Pam Redhead

15 May
Elizabeth Edwards — 3 Stories Mystery Tour
Tea Hostesses: Marion Baines & Noel Ashworth

19 June
Robin Wilson - Women Poisoners in History
Tea Hostesses: Margaret Hissett & Lindsey Muscroft









Programme  2019

17 July 2019
Ken Stanley — Aspects of Bhuddism & Meditation
Tea Hostesses: Hilary Wells & Sally Andrews

21 August 2019
Treasure Trail
Meet at Institute at 6.00 pm

18 September 2019
Steve Scoffin -— A Talk on Foxglove Covert
Tea Hostesses: Jaqueline Dlnsdale & Jan Howard

16 October 2019
Ken Day - Seasonal Singers
Tea Hostesses: Doreen Mason & Dot Borrill

20 November 2019
Jill Armstrong - Swaledale Mountain Rescue
Tea Hostesses: Jackie Longley and Denise Busfield

18 December 2019
Christmas Party — Food Drink & Games
Details to be announced






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                                                                    Committee 2019
Chair   Joan Hodgson    Tel. 01969 663557                         Press  Laura Gavin  
Secretary    Linda Price Tel. 01969 663412              Programme  Lorna Withers / Jill Adamson

Treasurer   Penny Giles Tel. 01969 663758                     Trips / Visits  Ann Sadler